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Earn more than ever before with our high interest tax-free savings account.

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Grow your savings High interest, tax free

Enjoy 1.05% interest with our tax-free high interest savings account.

high interest

tax-free earnings

How much will you earn?

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If I deposit $ today, my money will have earned me an extra $0 per month. That's $0 in a year.

interest rate
Flexible to help you save for any purpose.

No restrictions on the way the funds can be used and no time constraints on when you may use the funds.

Help you to save for a rainy day, start a business, buy a boat, renovate a home, or go on a tropical vacation. Withdraw funds at any time without suffering tax penalties.

Deposits insured by Credit Union Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (CUDIC)

Helping our members succeed in life

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