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Interest rate capped at

Upsize your home and downsize your mortgage with our Empower Rate Mortgage, offering a prime minus 0.5% interest rate.

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Empower Rate Mortgage The only variable is how much you save.

With our Empower Rate Mortgage, you get the savings of a variable rate mortgage with the security of a capped rate.

Protection From Rate Fluctuations

Enjoy the security a capped rate offers. Your rate is based on NPSCU Prime Rate* minus 0.50%, and will never go above 3.99%.

* Current Prime Rate 3.95% minus 0.50% is 3.45%

Know Exactly What You’re Paying

Plan your finances easily around a stable payment. Your payments don’t change for the term of your mortgage.

Be Mortgage-Free Sooner

When your rate is lower than the capped rate, the difference is applied to your principal.

Helping our members succeed in life

We work to simplify and enrich members' lives with exceptional, locally-relevant solutions


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